Human Cell Atlas Data Coordination Platform

Aggregate generation protocol

Information about how cultured cells are developed into cell aggregates.

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Aggregate cell uniformityaggregate_generation_protocol.cell_uniformitycopy (string) Description of the cell aggregates uniformity after formation. For example "Mostly homogenous embryoid bodies of variable cell numbers" or "Low-homogeneity in morphology and size".
Aggregate formation methodRequiredaggregate_generation_protocol.formation_methodcopy (string) Method used to form cell aggregates. For example "rocking", "suspension cultures", "hanging drops" or "spinner flasks".
Aggregate generation protocol>Protocol coreRequired (protocol_core object) Core protocol-level information.
Document filenameaggregate_generation_protocol.protocol_core.documentcopy (string from protocol_core) A filename of a PDF document containing the details of the protocol. For example "my_cool_protocol.pdf".
Protocol descriptionaggregate_generation_protocol.protocol_core.protocol_descriptioncopy (string from protocol_core) A general description of the protocol.
Protocol IDRequiredaggregate_generation_protocol.protocol_core.protocol_idcopy (string from protocol_core) A unique ID for the protocol.
Protocol nameaggregate_generation_protocol.protocol_core.protocol_namecopy (string from protocol_core) A short name for the protocol. DOIaggregate_generation_protocol.protocol_core.protocols_io_doicopy (string from protocol_core) The digital object identifier (doi) for the protocol. For example "10.17504/".
Publication DOIaggregate_generation_protocol.protocol_core.publication_doicopy (string from protocol_core) The publication digital object identifier (doi) for the protocol. For example "10.1101/193219".
Aggregate generation protocol>provenance (provenance object) Provenance information provided by the system.
Accessionaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.accessioncopy (string from provenance) A unique accession for this entity, provided by the broker.
Document IDRequiredaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.document_idcopy (string from provenance) Identifier for document.
Schema major versionaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.schema_major_versioncopy (integer from provenance) The major version number of the schema. For example "4" or "10".
Schema minor versionaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.schema_minor_versioncopy (integer from provenance) The minor version number of the schema. For example "6" or "15".
Submission dateRequiredaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.submission_datecopy (string from provenance) When project was first submitted to database.
Submitter IDaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.submitter_idcopy (string from provenance) ID of individual who first submitted project.
Update dateaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.update_datecopy (string from provenance) When project was last updated.
Updater IDaggregate_generation_protocol.provenance.updater_idcopy (string from provenance) ID of individual who last updated project.