Biomaterial core

Information about any biological material that was generated/used in the project including everything from a whole organism to subcellular components.

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HDBR accessionbiomaterial_core.HDBR_accessioncopy (string) A Human Developmental Biology Resource (HDBR) sample accession. For example "34526" or "14758, 2, liver".
Biomaterial descriptionbiomaterial_core.biomaterial_descriptioncopy (string) A general description of the biomaterial.
Biomaterial IDRequiredbiomaterial_core.biomaterial_idcopy (string) A unique ID for the biomaterial.
Biomaterial namebiomaterial_core.biomaterial_namecopy (string) A short, descriptive name for the biomaterial that need not be unique.
BioSamples accessionbiomaterial_core.biosamples_accessioncopy (string) A BioSamples accession. For example "SAMN00000000".
Genotypebiomaterial_core.genotypecopy (string) Genotype of the biomaterial. For example "DRB1 0401 protective allele" or "HLA-B*3901 allele".
INSDC sample accessionbiomaterial_core.insdc_sample_accessioncopy (string) An International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC) sample accession. For example "SRS0000000".
NCBI taxon IDRequiredbiomaterial_core.ncbi_taxon_idcopy (array) A taxonomy ID (taxonID) from NCBI. For example "9606".
Supplementary filesbiomaterial_core.supplementary_filescopy (array) A list of filenames of biomaterial-level supplementary files. For example "sample_site_image.jpg".

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