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File descriptor

Checksums and other information for asserting the integrity of a data file.

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Content typeRequiredfile_descriptor.content_typecopy (string) An appropriate MIME type for this file. For example "application/gzip".
CRC32CRequiredfile_descriptor.crc32ccopy (string) The CRC-32C code generated for this file. For example "0b83b575".
File UUIDRequiredfile_descriptor.file_idcopy (string) UUID that uniquely identifies each data file in its source For example "111f222a-333b-444c-555d-eee63ddfccc7".
Staging file nameRequiredfile_descriptor.file_namecopy (string) The object name of the data file relative to the staging area's `data/` directory For example "1b6d8348-d6e9-406a-aa6a-7ee886e52bf9/IDC9_L004_R2.fastq.gz".
File versionRequiredfile_descriptor.file_versioncopy (string) The version of the file given in date time format For example "2020-05-01T04:26:07.021870Z".
S3 ETagfile_descriptor.s3_etagcopy (string) An AWS S3 ETag of this file For example "c92e5374ac0a53b228d4c1511c2d2842-63".
SHA-1file_descriptor.sha1copy (string) The SHA-1 hash of the file. For example "6e71b3cac15d32fe2d36c270887df9479c25c640".
SHA-256Requiredfile_descriptor.sha256copy (string) The SHA-256 hash of the file. For example "12998c017066eb0d2a70b94e6ed3192985855ce390f321bbdb832022888bd251".
SizeRequiredfile_descriptor.sizecopy (integer) The size of the file in bytes. For example "2147483648".

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