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Information relating to a timecourse.

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Timecourse relevancetimecourse.relevancecopy (string) Relevance of the Timecourse value/unit to the experiment. For example "Collection after tumor cells injected into the mammary gland" or "Time tissue underwent liberase digestion".
Timecourse valueRequiredtimecourse.valuecopy (string) The numerical value in Timecourse unit associated with a time interval used in the experiment. For example "2" or "5.5-10.5".
Timecourse>Timecourse unitRequired (time_unit_ontology object) The unit in which the Timecourse value is expressed.
Time unit ontology IDtimecourse.unit.ontologycopy (string from time_unit_ontology) An ontology term identifier in the form prefix:accession. For example "UO:0000010" or "UO:0000034".Graph restriction: Subclasses of UO:0000003, UO:0000149 from obo:efo or obo:uo.
Time unit ontology labeltimecourse.unit.ontology_labelcopy (string from time_unit_ontology) The preferred label for the ontology term referred to in the ontology field. This may differ from the user-supplied value in the text field. For example "second" or "week".
Time unitRequiredtimecourse.unit.textcopy (string from time_unit_ontology) The name of a time unit being used. For example "second" or "week".

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