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Information relating to the death of an organism.

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Cause of deathRequireddeath.cause_of_deathcopy (string) Conditions resulting in death. For example "Hypoxic brain damage" or "Sudden cardiac arrest".
Cold perfuseddeath.cold_perfusedcopy (boolean) Whether perfusion with cold fluid was used to help preserve tissues before heart stopped. For example "Should be one of: yes, no.".
Number of days on ventilatordeath.days_on_ventilatorcopy (number) Number of days on ventilator before death occurred. For example "4".
Value on Hardy scaledeath.hardy_scalecopy (integer) Value on 4-point Hardy scale cause of death classification. For example "0".
Normothermic regional perfusiondeath.normothermic_regional_perfusioncopy (string enum) Whether entire body was perfused with warm oxygenated blood. Should be one of: "yes", "no" or "unknown".
Organ donation death typedeath.organ_donation_death_typecopy (string enum) Type of death preceding organ donation. Should be one of: "Donation after circulatory death (DCD)" or "Donation after brainstem death (DBD)".
Time of deathdeath.time_of_deathcopy (string) Date and time when death was declared. For example "2016-01-21T00:00:00Z" or "2016-03".

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