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State of specimen

State of specimen at time of collection.

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Autolysis scorestate_of_specimen.autolysis_scorecopy (string enum) State of tissue breakdown due to self-digestion. Should be one of: "none", "mild" or "moderate".
Gross descriptionstate_of_specimen.gross_descriptioncopy (string) Color, size, and other aspects of specimen as visible to naked eye. For example "focal wedge shaped region of tan-orange discoloration" or "cystic".
Gross imagestate_of_specimen.gross_imagescopy (array) List of filenames of photographs of specimen without magnification. For example "my_gross_image_file.jpg".
Ischemic temperaturestate_of_specimen.ischemic_temperaturecopy (string enum) Whether specimen experienced warm or cold ischemia. Should be one of: "warm" or "cold".
Ischemic timestate_of_specimen.ischemic_timecopy (integer) Duration of time, in seconds, between when the specimen stopped receiving oxygen and when it was preserved or processed. For example "7200".
Microscopic descriptionstate_of_specimen.microscopic_descriptioncopy (string) How the specimen looks under the microscope and how it compares with normal cells. For example "Mixture of different cell sizes apparent" or "Dead cells are quite faint on microscope".
Microscopic imagestate_of_specimen.microscopic_imagescopy (array) List of filenames of photographs of specimen under microscope. For example "my_microscopic_image_file.jpg".
Post-mortem intervalstate_of_specimen.postmortem_intervalcopy (integer) Duration of time between when death was declared and when the specimen was preserved or processed. For example "2400".

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