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Information about a single microscope channel.

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Channel IDRequiredchannel.channel_idcopy (string) User given ID. If there is an accompanying codebook, this name should correspond to the channel id used in the codebook. For example "1" or "A".
Excitation wavelengthRequiredchannel.excitation_wavelengthcopy (number) Excitation wavelength of the lightsource in nanometers. For example "640".
Exposure timeRequiredchannel.exposure_timecopy (number) Acquisition time for a single image per channel, in milliseconds. For example "400".
Filter rangeRequiredchannel.filter_rangecopy (string) Emission filter in nanometers. For example "461/70".
Multiplexed experimentRequiredchannel.multiplexedcopy (string enum) Whether multiple targets were detected simultaneously in this channel. Should be one of: "yes" or "no".
Target fluorophorechannel.target_fluorophorecopy (string) The name of the fluorophore this channel is designed to assay. For example "Alexa 647".

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