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Growth conditions

Information relating to how a biomaterial was grown and/or maintained in a laboratory setting.

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Culture environmentgrowth_conditions.culture_environmentcopy (string) Cell culture environment in which cells are grown. For example "Adherent cell culture" or "Suspension cell culture".
Drug treatmentgrowth_conditions.drug_treatmentcopy (string) Description of drugs added to the growth medium. For example "100 ug/mL ampicillin" or "15 ug/mL tetracycline".
Feeder layer typegrowth_conditions.feeder_layer_typecopy (string enum) Type of feeder layer cells on which biomaterial was grown. Should be one of: "feeder-free", "feeder-dependent, JK1 feeder cells", "feeder-dependent, SNL 76/7 feeder cells", "feeder-dependent, human marrow stromal cells", "feeder-dependent, bovine embryonic fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, mouse embryonic fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, mouse fibroblast STO cells", "feeder-dependent, mouse bone marrow stromal cells", "feeder-dependent, mouse yolk sac-derived endothelial cells", "feeder-dependent, human foreskin fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, human newborn fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, human fetal lung fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, human uterine endometrial cells", "feeder-dependent, human breast parenchymal cells", "feeder-dependent, human embryonic fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, human adipose stromal cells", "feeder-dependent, human amniotic epithelial cells", "feeder-dependent, human placental fibroblast cells", "feeder-dependent, human umbilical cord stromal cells", "feeder-dependent, human fetal muscle cells", "feeder-dependent, human fetal skin cells", "feeder-dependent, human fetal liver stromal cells", "feeder-dependent, human fallopian tubal epithelial cells" or "feeder-dependent, human amniotic mesenchymal cells".
Growth mediumgrowth_conditions.growth_mediumcopy (string) The solid, liquid, or semi-solid medium used to support growth. For example "human placental cord serum" or "RPMI 1640 + 2mM Glutamine + 10-20% FBS".
Mycoplasma testing methodgrowth_conditions.mycoplasma_testing_methodcopy (string enum) The method by which the biomaterial was tested for mycoplasma contamination. Should be one of: "Direct DNA stain", "Indirect DNA stain", "Broth and agar culture", "PCR", "Nested PCR", "ELISA", "Autoradiography", "Immunostaining", "Cell-based assay" or "Microbiological assay".
Mycoplasma testing resultsgrowth_conditions.mycoplasma_testing_resultscopy (string enum) Whether the biomaterial passed or failed the mycoplasma test. Should be one of: "pass" or "fail".
Passage numbergrowth_conditions.passage_numbercopy (integer) The number of passages that the biomaterial has been through. For example "22".

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