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Microscopy ontology

A term that may be associated with a microscopy-related ontology term.

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Microscopy ontology IDmicroscopy_ontology.ontologycopy (string) An ontology term identifier in the form prefix:accession. For example "FBbi:00000251" or "FBbi:00000246".Graph restriction: Subclasses of FBbi:00000241 from obo:hcao or obo:fbbi.
Microscopy ontology labelmicroscopy_ontology.ontology_labelcopy (string) The preferred label for the ontology term referred to in the ontology field. This may differ from the user-supplied value in the text field. For example "confocal microscopy" or "fluorescence microscopy".
MicroscopyRequiredmicroscopy_ontology.textcopy (string) The name of the type of microscopy used in an imaging experiment. For example "confocal microscopy" or "fluorescence microscopy".

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