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What is the DCP 2.0 Data Preview?

For the Data Coordination Platform (DCP) 2.0, we are adding contributor-generated matrices, reprocessing DCP projects, and adding 16 new projects (read the full details of the changes in the DCP Updates).

The DCP 2.0 Data Preview is a separate data view enabling you to explore and access the new contributor-generated matrices as well as the new and reprocessed DCP data as soon as they become available!

How are the DCP 1.0 View and DCP 2.0 Data Preview different?

DCP 1.0 View:

The DCP 1.0 View lists all the original DCP (DCP 1.0) projects. From this view, you can:

  • Access raw data for DCP 1.0 projects
  • Access DCP 1.0 processed data generated with standardized pipelines (BAMs, etc.)
  • Download DCP 1.0 project matrices (in CSV, MTX, and Loom formats)

DCP 2.0 Data Preview:

The DCP 2.0 Data Preview lists all DCP projects, including the 16 new DCP 2.0 projects. From this view, you can:

  • Download the new contributor-generated matrices for each project*
  • Access the raw data for all DCP projects; for DCP 1.0 projects, this raw data is the same as that in the DCP 1.0 view
  • Access data generated with updated DCP standardized pipelines**
  • Download the newly processed DCP-generated matrices (Loom format only)**

*Contributor-generated matrices are provided by the project contributors

** Standardized data and matrices will be added to the DCP 2.0 Data Preview incrementally as they become available

Switching between DCP 1.0 Data and DCP 2.0 Data Preview

Use the banner at the top of the Data Portal to switch between the two views:

Data Preview

As we continue to (re)process old and new DCP projects, we will incrementally add the newly processed data and DCP-generated matrices to the DCP 2.0 Data Preview.

Once processing is complete, we will retire the DCP 1.0 View.

To start exploring DCP data, see the Exploring Projects guide!

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