Pipeline Processing Development Guides

We provide pipeline development guides, described briefly below, to help you design and build your own single cell data processing pipelines. When your pipeline is working, please consider submitting it to the DCP to help process data from the community. Email us at data-help@humancellatlas.org.

Best Practices for Building Data Processing Pipelines: Engineering great pipelines is a complex endeavor. We do this in an iterative manner, learning best practices as we go.

Quick Start for Building Pipelines: Learn about the variety of resources that have helped us with our pipeline building projects. Also, scroll down the page to find information about DCP-hosted meetings, events, and Slack channels you can join.

Pipeline Testing Guide: Test whether your pipeline can execute to completion and produce the expected outputs in HCA DCP, as well as other, execution environments.

Contributing a Pipeline to the HCA DCP: Please consider submitting your pipeline for use by the DCP!

Adding an Environment to the Portability Service: If you’re developing a new environment for running our pipelines, this guide will help you test that environment using our portability service.

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