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Protocol core

Information about an intended protocol that was followed in the project.

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Document filenameprotocol_core.documentfile_copy (string) A filename of a PDF document containing the details of the protocol. For example "my_cool_protocol.pdf".
Protocol descriptionprotocol_core.protocol_descriptionfile_copy (string) A general description of the protocol.
Protocol IDRequiredprotocol_core.protocol_idfile_copy (string) A unique ID for the protocol.
Protocol nameprotocol_core.protocol_namefile_copy (string) A short name for the protocol.
protocols.io DOIprotocol_core.protocols_io_doifile_copy (string) The protocols.io digital object identifier (doi) for the protocol. For example "10.17504/protocols.io.mgjc3un".
Publication DOIprotocol_core.publication_doifile_copy (string) The publication digital object identifier (doi) for the protocol. For example "10.1101/193219".

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