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Information specific to 10x experiments.

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Drop uniformity10x.drop_uniformityfile_copy (boolean) Whether drop uniformity was achieved as a result of visual inspection of emulsion after a 10x run. For example "Should be one of: yes, or no.".
Fastq creation method10x.fastq_methodfile_copy (string) Method used for the generation of fastq files from bcl files. For example "Cellranger mkfastq" or "bcl2fastq2".
Fastq creation method version10x.fastq_method_versionfile_copy (string) Version of the program used for fastq generation. For example "Cellranger 2.1.1" or "v2.20".
Pooled channels10x.pooled_channelsfile_copy (number) The number of channels pooled within a sequencing lane. For example "4".

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