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DCP Matrix UX Study - Spring 2021

The HCA DCP product team is recruiting volunteers to participate in a 15 - 20 minute virtual interview to help us understand how to improve the findability and reusability of the Data Portal project matrices.

What are the study goals?

  • Learn how researchers use the Data Portal when accessing the various matrices (DCP-generated matrix and contributor-generated matrix).
  • Identify improvements to the presentation, schema, and file format of matrices and their metadata.

How do I participate?

  • Take our short Google form survey.
  • Use the survey form to indicate if you would like to participate in a virtual interview.
  • If you choose to participate in a virtual interview, our team will follow up with you to schedule a call.

What happens during the virtual interview?

We’ll ask you questions relating to:

  • Your research; we want to learn more about your needs, how you use the Data Portal, and if you can find the types of projects that interest you.
  • Your experience working with the matrix files: how you access them and use them with downstream tools, how you link them together and with metadata, whether you can use their formats, and whether anything prevents you from using them.
  • How we can make the matrices and their metadata more useful to you.

How long is the session?

  • The virtual interview takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

How is my information used after the survey/interview?

  • The HCA DCP product team will de-identify your information, keep it private, and only use it for the internal purposes of improving the portal, matrices, and related documentation.
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